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작성일 : 10-12-16 18:11
Blaze Tablet 개발 플랫폼이 이제 판매 됩니다.
 글쓴이 : 관리자
조회 : 7,752  

Blaze Tablet™ Development Platform

The wait is over, available for sale TODAY!

Key Features and Benefits
• TI OMAP™ 4 processor-based development platform in a tablet form factor
• The second development platform in the Blaze™ family
• Offers complete software compatibility with original Blaze mobile development platform
• Based on TI's flexible, scalable OMAP4430 processor, which maximizes re-investment for silicon upgrades
• Wireless connectivity technology from TI, including WiLink™ solution: Industry's first single-chip with mWLAN + GPS + Bluetooth® + FM transmit/receive technologies
• Allows external camera module(s) for enhanced application development

Detailed Specifications
• Core Logic
o 1GHz OMAP4430 applications processor
o TWL6030 power management integrated circuit (IC)
o TWL6040 audio IC
o CDC3S04 quad sine-wave clock buffer with low-dropout (LDO) regulation
• Memory
o 1 GB low-power, double data rate memory (lpDDR2)
o 32 GB eMMC™ v4.41 Flash memory
• Display
o 10.4" XGA (1024 x 768) LCD
o Capacitive touch screen
o One standard v1.1a DisplayPort connector
o HDMI 1.3a output with 1080p support
• User Interface
o Three navigation buttons
o Two unbalanced mass vibration motors
o One recessed, externally operable reset button
o One power on/off button
o One lock switch
o One battery mode switch
• Serial Interfaces
o One High-Speed USB On-The-Go (HS USB 2.0 OTG) port
o Two High-Speed USB 2.0 host ports
• Removable Media
o One full size 8-bit SD/MMC external connector
o One full size SD/SDIO internal connector
o One SIM card for modem support
• Audio
o One 3.5 mm stereo headset jack for audio output and MIC input
o Two 1W RMS speakers
o Four digital microphones
• Expansion
o One COM connector for connectivity modules
o One full miniPCIe connector for optional modem modules
• Connectivity
o Single-chip WiLink™ combination solution:
 WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n)
 Bluetooth® technology
 FM transmit/receive
• Modem (Wide Area Network) Support
o Industry-standard mini-PCIe modem connector capable of supporting LTE or 3G modems
o Integrated multi-band primary and diversity UMTS antennas
• Sensors
o 3-axis accelerometer sensor
o 3-axis gyroscope sensor
o Digital compass sensor
o Temperature sensor
o Ambient light sensor
o Proximity sensor
o Pressure (barometric) sensor
• External camera modules (optional)
o 5MP autofocus camera modules mounted externally on tablet frame
• Debug
o One 802.3 (wired) ethernet port (RJ-45 connector)
o One MIPI test and debug connector
o One USB connector, which has serial UART data
o Debug LEDs
• Power
o Support for USB power
o One standard 5V input for wall power
o 4100 mAHr single-cell Lithium-ion battery
• Casework
o Dimensions: 10.48" (266.094 mm) x 8.28" (210.294 mm) x 1.14" (29 mm)
o Grooved frame to allow for external camera module(s) attachment